'Young Voices of the Nile' is the first of what we hope will be many books in the series that provides youth from different countries a chance to write about something important to them. This could be their pride in their country, family, a social issue or their favorite sport. Their stories are a way for the rest of the world to get to know something more about life in another country.

As inspiring as it was for us to be a part of putting this book together and seeing the energy, dedication and enthusiasm these children had to share their lives, we hope these inspirational stories for and by kids will be a welcome addition to your child's reading collection. 'Young Voices of the Nile' shares stories of over 20 african children (North American approximate equivalent of grades 5-7) from Uganda. While there are many books on Africa available, Young Voices of the Nile talks about life in Africa as lived by and in the words of, african children. There are no filters on these stories. Some stories are short, sweet and to the point about something they feel strongly, like their mothers or religion while others hint and in some cases expose, some of the more dangerous elements of their lives. And still others celebrate cultural traditions of which they are very proud. While we enjoyed developing and producing this book and have taken inspiration from this opportunity, we challenge you to find at least one inspiring story in Young Voices of the Nile. Note: 100% of net proceeds from the sale of either print or e-book versions of Young Voices of the Nile go directly to Total Family Outreach / Amani Babies Cottage, in support of their work with Ugandan orphans.  

The book is a collection of writings and short stories by the sons and daughters of the 'mamas' who work at a small orphanage in Jinja, Uganda. The 'mamas' are the Ugandan staff of this orphanage and this affectionate title reflects their dual roles as mothers to their own children and as the primary caregivers. The orphanage (Amani Baby Cottage) cares for orphans (newborns, babies and toddlers) whose parents have either died, abandoned them or are unable to care for them at this time in their lives. 

Fun Facts:

  • 31 Reflections and Short Stories from 25 Young Voices
  • Original hand-drawn artwork by the authors
  • Authors come from Grades 5-7
  • Note: 100% net proceeds from the sale of 'Young Voices of the Nile' goes to Total Family Outreach / Amani Babies Cottage
  • Formats: Soft Cover, E-Book
  • Color / Artwork: Various hand-drawn sketches in pencil or crayon
  • Pages: 44
  • Reading Level (Age): 7/8 and up
  • Comprehension (Age): 7/8 and up
  • Theme / Category: Short Stories
Young Voices of the Nile
By Jacinthe McCurdy